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Bettro United Metals' Tanks have been manufacturing above ground fuel storage tanks, as well as complete above ground fuel systems, for twenty years. Over the years, we have built our reputation on quality parts and engineering, knowledgeable service, and a constant effort to improve our methods. This commitment to quality and value has made Berrto the number one fuel storage system company.

Tanks: Sales & Rental

Wither you need to buy a tank for your project, or you may need to rent one specifically for a temporary need. 

Bettro Tanks facilitates both options for you so you dont have to worry about purchasing tanks when you only need them for few days or weeks.


get in touch to know more on how to do so.


Available existing stock fuel tanks with complete fittings ranging from 400L up to 20,000 L for immediate installation 


Bettro Tanks prouds itself for being a one stop shop for clients, from tanks design, to manufacturing, to handeling and delivering the equipments on site.


worrying about how to get it there is on us now, sit back and let us take care of this for you.


Being in the market for so many years now, allows our team to offer your project the consultation power needed to complete your project, wither its in desgin phase, purchase or implementation.


Consultation Mainly Includes:

  - Calculating Capcity of Tanks inter-relation to the power generator capacity

  - Calculating power supply duration required

Fuel System Design

The need for fuel systems specificatins and designs may vary based on the industry.

specific requirments to fit a fuel system design that works perfectly within your existing systems or project is a task for our team of engineers who will do the necessary to deliver the best timeless design that fits perfectly within your project's needs.

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Above Ground FuelStorage fuel station
Under ground Storage tank -Diagram
generator fuel piping diagram
Petrol station piping diagram
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We are the leader in the production of affordable, reliable, turn-key above ground steel fuel storage tanks that comply with all local, state, and federal regulations. Whether you need bulk fuel storage for diesel, gasoline, bio diesel, ethanol, or oil, we have a durable, easy to install and cost-effective solution to fit the bill. Our double wall systems are in use worldwide within the automotive, marine, construction, sanitation, and trucking industries as well as municipalities.

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